Achieving the perpetual survival of a company 

In order to ensure that a company does not end after only one generation and to achieve perpetual management, the company’s assets must be properly managed. 

 MACK Consultants Group (Masaki Kobayashi Certified Public Tax Accountant Firm) has been certified as an ” approved business innovation support agency (approved support agency). We provide support for business succession, inheritance support, financing, assistance in app 革新等支援機関認定一覧 

Achieving the perplying for subsidies, and other asset management support necessary to ensure the perpetual management of the company. For more information on approved support agencies, please click here. 

Financing and business succession services 







The key to your company’s significant growth is to avoid the temptation to maintain the status quo 

The key to achieving significant growth is to avoid the temptation to maintain the status quo. 

 Companies whose managers have clear goals and are always thinking of new challenges are vigorous. To become such a manager, the following three conditions must be met. 

Have an accurate grasp of the company’s business situation 

Have the courage to invest in new things 

Be young and healthy 

The Road to Turn into Surplus 

 Do any of followings apply to your company?

If any of the above applies to your company, you may be approaching a risky situation. Management must correctly recognize the current situation and move the entire company in the right direction. 

 MACK Consultants Group works with management to move the company in the right direction, providing support for the creation of management plans and seminars to help develop employees. 

CEO is not energetic. 

The CEO of companies that are doing well are, without exception, energetic. It is not a matter of course that they are full of vitality because they are doing well, but rather the CEO of such companies consciously act in energetic manner. If the CEO has a gloomy expression on his/her face, employees become anxious, and the atmosphere in the workplace becomes gloomy. Naturally, productivity will not increase in such an environment. An energetic CEO is an important factor in keeping the company in good condition. 

CEO is always enthusiastic about something other than running the company 

 Some CEOs are more passionate about golf than about company management, or are enthusiastic about outside social activities. While this is a good opportunity for cross-industrial exchange and the exchange of ideas with other business owners, it is not advisable to be too enthusiastic. Please do not forget the enthusiasm you had when you started your business and put your company’s management first. 

Always busy day-to-day operations.

 The most important role of the manager is to clarify the company’s management policy and guide employees toward their goals. The CEO should be careful not to lose sight of the company’s long-term vision by being overloaded with business operations. 

The company is being managed in a haphazard manner without planning. 

 Running a company without a vision for the future is like sailing a ship without a destination. Will employees be attracted to a manager without a vision? Have a clear vision and share it with your employees. 

Employees only do what they are instructed to do. 


Employees do not stay for long periods of time

 Companies with low employee retention rates do not have a good workplace atmosphere. This can lead to poor productivity because senior employees are not being nurtured. Are work rules being followed properly? Is the wage system appropriate? Is the work environment conducive to employees? 

The company only makes annual plans but does not execute them or check the progress of the plans. 

 If you are satisfied with simply creating an annual plan and leaving the rest to your employees, the plan will not be implemented. In the end, it is a waste of time and effort. Have employees create their own monthly action plans based on the annual plan and check their progress.