Do you have any of the following problems with your company’s human resources? 

  • They don’t think for themselves and don’t move. 
  • They don’t learn their jobs no matter how many times we teach them. 
  • They cannot report, communicate, and consulte. 


Many managers are concerned that their employees will not move on their own initiative, that they will not learn new tasks no matter how many times they are taught, and that they will not report back to their managers. Many of them say, “There is a problem with the employee’s ability”.  Many of them think, “There is a problem with my employees’ abilities, so I need to develop their abilities”. 

 The problem is not with the employees themselves, but with the people who train them, in other words, the managers themselves. 

If you want to solve people problems, you have to rethink management 

  The common denominator among employees of companies that lament that “employees do not think for themselves and do not move” is that they view their work as something they “have to do” rather than something they “want to do”. In order to get them to think “I want to do it,” it is important for them to have a clear sense of the meaning and values of working for the company. It is also necessary to share with employees what kind of company we want to create in the future, what kind of value we want to continue to provide to our customers, and the path we want to take as an organization. Without this sharing, it will be difficult to improve as an organization. The management philosophy and management policies are the best way to present and share “company policy” in a concise and easy-to-understand manner with employees. 

If you do not understand the company’s philosophy and direction, they try to follow the company’s policy, but they cannot accept it on an unconscious level and reject it. 

A feeling of escape arises, positive action is not taken, and results are not achieved. 

Align the employee’s life goals with the company’s philosophy and policies. 

When employees understand and sympathize with the company’s philosophy and direction, the “have to” attitude toward work changes to a “want to” attitude. 

The employees are able to work with a sense of mission, which leads to results. 

The fundamental philosophy of MACK Consultants Group is, “Improvement of management is the improvement of people, and improvement of people is the improvement of their mind”.   

 We also provide support for the formulation of business plans. Before blaming employees for not developing, why don’t you, the CEO, review your company’s management once again? 

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