Support for start-up 

There are many challenges involved in launching a new business and getting it off the ground. However, when you succeed, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that you would not feel if you were working for a company. 

 In order to ensure the success of your business, it is necessary to conduct in-depth research and make solid preparations for the future before starting your business. 

We offer consultation on the preparation of various application documents. 

 MACK Consultants Group can handle complex and specialized procedures that require specialized knowledge. 

Some of them can be done by the applicant him/herself, but it may take longer than expected, the application may not be easily approved, or it may interfere with the original business. 

 We can prepare and advise on behalf of our clients on complex permission/application procedures and various documents, including documents to be submitted to public offices, wills, contracts, notarized deeds, applications for agricultural land conversion permits, applications for restaurant or entertainment business licenses, garage certification procedures, procedures to have contracts and other documents “notarized,” procedures to have “articles of incorporation certified,” and more.