We support the building of a safe, secure, and comfortable work environment 

Proper labor management, including employment procedures and payroll calculation, requires the calculation of various types of insurance such as social insurance and labor insurance. It also requires knowledge of the Labor Standards Law and other laws related to employee working hours. If the calculations are not performed properly, the Labor Standards Inspection Office may conduct an investigation. 

 MACK Consultants Group has experts (lawyers and labor and social security attorneys) who are well versed in the laws related to labor management services. If you are having trouble with employee payroll, various insurance procedures, or employment procedures, please contact us. 

 Employment regulations are the cornerstone of labor. We also provide the creation and maintenance of employment regulations. If there are any deficiencies in the employment regulations, the Labor Standards Inspection Office may require you to submit an report for improvement. For this reason, they must be meticulously prepared. 

Labor Management Services at a Glance 

  • Social insurance and employment procedures, labor insurance filing procedures 
  • Preparation and maintenance of employment regulations and company rules 
  • Payroll calculation 

Social Insurance and Employment Procedures, Labor Insurance Filing Procedures 

The professionals in our group have the expertise necessary to perform these insurance procedures, and we handle the enrollment and withdrawal procedures for social insurance and labor insurance, as well as employment procedures for employees working for your company, on your behalf. 

 Management may choose to perform the procedures themselves, but in that case, they will need to research and study the procedures and laws. While it is very important to study on your own, we believe that it is more important than anything else for the manager to concentrate on the management of the company. 

 Therefore, we handle the procedures for enrolling in and withdrawing from social insurance and labor insurance for employees working for your company, as well as employment procedures. Upon request, we can also investigate past overpayments of insurance premiums. 

 Our clients range in size from a few to 100 employees. Many of our clients request our services in conjunction with our monthly audit and accounting services. 

 When we are requested to perform social insurance enrollment/withdrawal procedures and employment procedures, we also manage the company’s employee information (date of hire, name, personal number, social insurance enrollment status, and dependent status) together with the company. 

 You can request for additions and changes to employee information with template we provide at any time by sending it to us via e-mail or fax. 


3,000 yen per employee 

Creation and Maintenance of Employment Regulations and Company Rules 

Companies with 10 or more employees are obligated by law to prepare employment regulations under Article 89 of the Labor Standards Law. 

 Even if existing employment regulations are adopted as they are, distortions will arise as the company continues to operate. Parts of the rules that do not match the company’s situation will arise. 

 Our group support for the creation of employment regulations that are suited to the current situation through direct discussions with management. We also review and improve any rules that have been created in the past. 

 We often review the rules in the following situations 

  • When relevant laws and regulations are revised.
  • When it is necessary to revise holidays and working hours based on financial results. 
  • When you find out that a company has fewer holidays than another company.

Payroll Calculation Services 

 Payroll calculations are particularly closely related to the Labor Standards Law, which can easily complicate the calculation of maximum working hours, premium wages, unpaid wages, and the tabulation and calculation of working hours. 

 Particularly in a start-up company, the salary structure and the scope of working hours may not be clearly defined. Therefore, unpaid salaries to employees may occur without the management being aware of it. 

 A risk that is likely to occur is when an employee who has not been paid overtime or salary reports to the Labor Standards Inspection Office, and the office conducts an on-site inspection without prior notification. In some cases, management may be required to submit an report for improvement or ordered to pay penalties or fines. 

 To prevent such risks, it is important to have a payroll system in place that shows employees the appropriate hours and amounts to be paid. 

 Our Group’s professional staff, well versed in the Labor Standards Act, provides payroll calculations on behalf of management. In addition, knowledge of social insurance and unemployment insurance is also involved in the payroll calculation process, so please contact us if you have any concerns regarding employee insurance or payroll calculation.


Less than 10 employees15,000 yen
More than 10 employees15,000 yen plus 500 yen per employee

Employee Information Management Services 

 Are you able to manage the personal information your company has on employees (e.g., date of hire, name, personal number, social insurance status, and dependent status)? Procedures for social insurance and unemployment insurance must be completed every year. In addition, since you handle employees’ personal information, it must be strictly managed. 

 Our group manages the information of your employees and manages the employee information that the company has (e.g., date of hire, name, personal number, social insurance status, and dependent status). By managing your employee information, we can better facilitate your company’s employee social insurance enrollment and withdrawal procedures, and payroll calculations when requested. You can request for additions and changes to employee information with template we provide at any time by sending it to us via e-mail or fax.