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MACK Consultants Group is based in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. We provide a variety of management-related consultations as a good advisor to small and medium-sized business owners throughout Japan. 

 We have a number of staff members with specialized knowledge, such as accountants, tax accountants, and labor consultants. 

 We provide management support in a variety of fields, including advice on human resource development to improve corporate productivity, accounting services and support to accurately grasp company figures, and above all, support for the development of bubiness plans for corporate growth and development. 

 A “company” can follow one of three paths, depending on the mindset of its management: “development,” “stagnation,” or “decline or bankruptcy”. 

 We provide to managers our philosophy and approach to “develop and grow the company and enrich the lives of the people who make up the organization.” 

Founder’s Spirit 

We are in awe of the will of the great ones. 

We will live with sincerity, following the right path. 


NK Building, 1-16-14 Chuo, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, 390-0811 Japan 

tel: 0263-37-0300 

fax: 0263-37-0330 

Parking Information

Route 295, near the intersection of Chuo 1-chome.  

Enter between Jikanya and Sake Rakuraku. 

After 5 meters, the parking lot is on the left. 

Group Company 

Kobayashi Accounting Firm, Inc. 

 Based on accurate financial calculations, we assess a company’s financial condition and operating results, identify management issues, propose solutions, and provide advice. 

Anshin Management, Inc.* 


*”Anshin” means being at peace with nothing on your mind. 

We provide coaching, training, and seminars as part of our support for strengthening management structure. We provide human resources development, organizational development, and other human-related management support. 

FPI, Inc.

 We provide asset management and legal support services for business and property succession. We mainly provide support related to assets. 

Kobayashi Masaki Tax Accountant Firm 

 We provide tax filing, consultation, and other tax-related services. 

Kobayashi Public Notary Firm 

 We provide support and advice on company operations, including various applications for incorporation and construction registration, contract drafting, corporate taxation, and income taxation.

Mack Farming, Inc. 

 We produce pesticide-free rice “Yame no Okimi” in Azumino, a city rich in nature. We are proud of our rice, which is grown from the soil preparation of the rice paddies. 

Mack Consultants Labor and Social Security Attorney’s Firm 

 We provide services related to labor management, such as payroll calculation and employment procedures. We also review employment regulations and provide advice on internal rules and regulations.